Sixteen moments

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The sixteen moments of the path of seeing (Tib. མཐོང་ལམ་སྐད་ཅིག་བཅུ་དྲུག, tonglam kechik chudruk, Wyl. mthong lam skad cig bcu drug) describe the process of gaining insight into the four noble truths. They are as follows:

The Truth of Suffering

1. acceptance
2. knowledge
3. subsequent acceptance
4. subsequent knowledge

The Truth of Origination

5. acceptance
6. knowledge
7. subsequent acceptance
8. subsequent knowledge

The Truth of Cessation

9. acceptance
10. knowledge
11. subsequent acceptance
12. subsequent knowledge

The Truth of the Path

13. acceptance
14. knowledge
15. subsequent acceptance
16. subsequent knowledge

Alternative Translations

  • Forbearance and cognition
  • Acceptance and understanding