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View of Sum Dzong Gön

Sum Dzong Gön aka Sum Dzong Gön Tashi Chöling (Tib. གསུམ་ཛོམས་དགོན་བཀྲ་ཤིས་ཆོས་གླིང་, Wyl. gsum ‘dzoms dgon bkra shis chos gling) is a Geluk monastery of Powo.[1].


Sum Dzong Gön is located in the township of Sum Dzong, in the south-eastern part of Powo, on the banks of the Chö Dzong Chu.[2]


Sum Dzong Gön was founded in 1465 by Jangchub Gyaltsen as he unified three smaller monasteries into a single institution.


The monastic body comprised of 134 monks and had two temples, with a statue of Buddha Maitreya as a centerpiece.


The monks of Sum Dzong Gön used to deepen their study in Ganden Jangtse, one of the two main colleges of Ganden Monastery, and in Sera Mé.[3]

Main Practices

The main practices of Sum Dzong Gön were those of the Gelugpa tradition.


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