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Tai Situpa (Tib. ཏའི་སི་ཏུ་པ་, Wyl. ta'i si tu pa) Incarnation Line — an important lineage of Karma Kagyü masters considered to be emanations of the bodhisattva Maitreya, and very closely associated with the Karmapas. The masters of the Situ lineage are in possession of a red crown, much like the black crown of the Karmapas. The title 'Kenting Tai Situ' was given by the Chinese Emperor Daimingzhen to the 'First' Situ Rinpoche, Chökyi Gyaltsen, in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments.

Previous Incarnations

  • Drogön Sangyé Rechen (Wyl. 'gro mgon sangs rgyas ras chen) (1088-1158)
  • Naljor Yeshe Wangpo (Wyl. rnal 'byor ye shes dbang po) (1220-1281)
  • Rigowa Rinjung, aka Ratnabhadra (Wyl. ri 'go ba ratna bhadra) (1281-1343)
  • Ta Shying Chen (Wyl. si tu drung che sa ta'i zhing chen) (1345-1376)

Tai Situpas at Karma Gön

  • First Tai Situpa, Chökyi Gyaltsen (Wyl. ta'i si tu chos kyi rgyal mtshan) (1377-1448), a disciple of the Fifth Karmapa, Deshyin Shekpa
  • Second Tai Situpa, Tashi Namgyal (Wyl. bkra shis rnam rgyal) (1450-1497)
  • Third Tai Situpa, Tashi Paljor (Wyl. bkra shis dpal 'byor) (1498-1541)
  • Fourth Tai Situpa, Mitruk Chökyi Gocha (Wyl. mi 'khrugs chos kyi go cha) (1542-1585)
  • Fifth Tai Situpa, Chökyi Gyaltsen (Wyl. chos kyi rgyal mtshan) aka Gelek Palzang (dge legs dpal bzang) (1586-1657)
  • Sixth Tai Situpa, Mipham Trinlé Rabten (Wyl. mi pham 'phrin las rab brtan) (1658-1682)
  • Seventh Tai Situpa, Lekshé Mawé Nyima (Wyl. legs bshad smra ba'i nyi ma) (1683-1698), the son of the king of Ling
  • Eighth Tai Situpa, Situ Panchen Chökyi Jungné (Wyl. chos kyi 'byung gnas) (1700-1774)

In 1729, Situ Panchen Chökyi Jungné moved his seat from Karma Gön near Chamdo, to the newly founded Palpung Monastery near Dergé. After his passing away in 1774, two reincarnations were found: one at Palpung Monastery and one at Katok Monastery. The Tai Situpa incarnations at Palpung became known the Palpung Situs, and are considered to be the main line of incarnations of the Kenting Tai Situpas. Whereas the incarnations at Katok Monastery became known as the Katok Situs.

Tai Situpas at Palpung

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