The Dharani of the Jewel Torch

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The Dharani of the Jewel Torch (Skt. Ratnolkādhāraṇī; Tib. དཀོན་མཆོག་ཏ་ལ་ལའི་གཟུངས།, Wyl. dkon mchog ta la la’i gzungs) — a profound Mahayana sutra.[1]

The text starts with a conversation between the Buddha and the bodhisattvas Samantabhadra and Manjushri on the nature of the dharmadhatu, buddhahood, and emptiness. The bodhisattva Dharmamati then enters the meditative absorption called the infinite application of the bodhisattva’s jewel torch and, at the behest of the millions of buddhas who have blessed him, emerges from it to teach how bodhisattvas arise from the presence of a tathagata and progress to the state of omniscience. Following Dharmamati’s detailed exposition of the “ten categories” or progressive stages of a bodhisattva, the Buddha briefly teaches the mantra of the dharani and then, for most of the remainder of the text, encourages bodhisattvas in a long versified passage in which he recounts teachings by a bodhisattva called Bhadashri on the qualities of bodhisattvas and buddhas.[2]


The Tibetan translation of this text can be found in the General Sutra section of the Tibetan Kangyur, Toh 145. It is also catalogued as Toh 847 in the Compendium of Dharanis of the Dharani collection


  1. Although seen as a sutra in its own right, it is closely connected to the family of texts belonging to the Avatamsaka Sutra, two chapters of which it shares. As its title suggests, it can also be seen as a dharani, or as a sutra about a dharani.
  2. 84000 Translating the Words of the Buddha.