The Secrets of the Realized Ones

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The Secrets of the Realized Ones (Skt. tathagata-acintya-guhya-nirdeśa-sutra; Tib. དེ་བཞིན་གཤེགས་པའི་གསང་བ་བསམ་གྱིས་མི་ཁྱབ་པབསྟན་པའི་མདོ་) is a Mahayana sutra pertaining to the third turning of the Wheel of Dharma that explores a diversity of topics across 24 chapters and an epilogue.

Both Buddha Shakyamuni and Vajrapani teach, discussing the secrets of the body, speech, and mind of the bodhisattvas and the buddhas, nonduality, the relationship of the nature of mind to the qualities of buddhas and bodhisattvas, and other subjects. It follows a consistently nondual —identifying that while an awakened being may seem to be engaged in a conceptual or dualistic action, they never leave the scope of nonconceptual wisdom. It reveals the extraordinary freedom that awakened beings have in their acting in the world.[1]

Tibetan Text

The Tibetan translation can be found in the Ratnakuta section of the Kangyur, Toh 47.


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