Upholding the Roots of Virtue

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This sutra, Upholding the Roots of Virtue (Skt. Kuśala-mūla-saṃparigraha; Tib. དགེ་བའི་རྩ་བ་ཡོངས་སུ་འཛིན་པ།, Wyl. dge ba’i rtsa ba yongs su ‘dzin pa), is one of the longest sutras and outlines the path of the Great Vehicle as it is journeyed by bodhisattvas in pursuit of awakening. The teaching, which is delivered by the Buddha Shakyamuni to a host of bodhisattvas from faraway worlds as well as a selection of his closest hearer students, such as Saradvatiputra and Ananda, elucidates in particular the practice of engendering and strengthening the mind of awakening, as well as the practice of bodhisattva conduct for the sake of all other beings.[1]


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The Tibetan translation of this sutra can be found in the General Sutra section of the Tibetan Kangyur, Toh 101.