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The ushnisha (Skt. uṣṇīṣa, Tib. གཙུག་ཏོར་, tsuktor, Wyl. gtsug tor) is one of the thirty-two major marks. The Sanskrit term ushnisha refers to 'turban', 'diadem', 'crown wound around the head'. Therefore it also refers to a distinguishing mark, and in the Buddhist context to the characteristic mark on the head of a buddha, which is the result of tremendous accumulation of merit. It represents the vast wisdom he gained upon reaching enlightenment. The ushnisha is the protuberance, which is round, shiny black and coiled clockwise on the head of the Buddha. On statues, it is represented by a little extra lump on top of the head of the Buddha that can take different forms in the various Buddhist traditions. In reality, it is an infinite protuberance whose summit is invisible, which is impossible to depict on statues or drawings.