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རྐང་པ། (Wyl. rkang pa) n. Pron.: kangpa

  • legs [Samkhya Tenets] [Twenty-Five Principles] [The Eleven Organs] [Five Organs of Action]
  • Skt. पादः, pāda, Pron.: pada. From Sanskrit: rarely | the foot (of men and animals) | (the | sometimes added to proper names or titles in token of respect | 'the king's majesty' | 'the venerable Nārāyaṇa' | on foot [said of several persons]. | and | to fall at a person's [gen.] feet | the foot or leg of an inanimate object, column, pillar | a wheel | a foot as a measure (= 12 Añgulas) | the foot or root of a tree | the foot or a hill at the foot of a mountain | the bottom | 'from the bottom of a bag' | a ray or beam of light (considered as the foot of a heavenly body) | a quarter, a fourth Part (the fourth of a quadruped being one out of 4) | the 4 parts i.e. all things required for [gen.] | the quadrant (of a circle) | a verse or line (as the fourth part of a regular stanza) | the caesura of a verse [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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