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==English Translation==
==English Translation==
*{{84000|http://read.84000.co/#!ReadingRoom/UT22084-066-018/2|The Ākāśagarbha Sūtra}}
*{{84000|http://read.84000.co/#UT22084-066-018/title|The Ākāśagarbha Sūtra}}
==Tibetan Text==
==Tibetan Text==

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The Akashagarbha Sutra (Skt: Ākāśagarbha Sūtra, Tib. ནམ་མཁའི་སྙིང་པོའི་མདོ།). The Buddha explains how to invoke the blessings of Ākāśagarbha, one of the 'eight great bodhisattvas', for purification and guidance on the path.

English Translation

Tibetan Text