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Arhat (Skt.; Pali arahant; Tib. དགྲ་བཅོམ་པ་, drachompa, Wyl. dgra bcom pa) — name given to the ultimate result of the shravaka yana and pratyekabuddha yana, which differ in terms of realisation and qualities. One who has completely overcome the enemy of the disturbing emotions and is therefore worthy of praise.

Arhat is also used as an epithet of the Buddha.


There are two kinds of arhats: those with remainder and those without remainder.

How an Arhat teaches

Arhats teach by means of the three pure factors.[1]

Alternative Translations

  • foe destroyer (Light of Berotsana)


  1. LotsawaHouse-tag.png Patrul Rinpoche, Preliminary Points To be Explained when Teaching the Buddha's Word or the Treatises, translated by Adam Pearcey.

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