Chagdud Monastery

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Chagdud Monastery

Chagdud Monastery (Tib. ལྕགས་མདུད་དགོན་པ་, chak dü gönpa, Wyl. lcags mdud dgon pa) also known as Chagdud Orgyen Ling (Wyl. lcags mdud o rgyan gling) is a Nyingma monastery, subsidiary to Kathok Monastery, founded in 1291, in Nyarong, Kham, by Chöjé Drutsa Gangwa Tsondru Bum (Wyl. chos rje ‘bru tsha sgang ba brtson grus ‘bum) (circa 1176) from Kathok Monastery.

The monastery was severely damaged during the ‘Yarlung’ war, so in 1491 Chagdud Sherab Gyaltsen, the first Chagdud incarnation, built a new, larger monastery. Chagdud, which means “iron knot,” originates from the fact that Sherab Gyaltsen folded iron into knots with bare hands[1]. Chagdud became the name of that particular place in Nyarong. Above the monastery is Khawa Lungri, an important power-place associated with Padmasambhava.

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