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Subtle channels (Skt. nāḍi; Tib. རྩ་, tsa, Wyl. rtsa) — There are 72,000 subtle channels in the body, but the three principal ones are:

  • the central channel (Skt. avadhūtī; Tib. དབུ་མ་, uma, Wyl. dbu ma), running parallel to the spine,
  • the right channel (Skt. rasanā; Tib. རོ་མ་, roma, Wyl. ro ma) and
  • the left channel (Skt. lalanā; Tib. རྐྱང་མ་, kyangma, Wyl. rkyang ma), which run either side of the central channel.

The right and left channels coil around the central one at a number of points to form a series of "knots". Along the central channel are situated a number of “channel wheels,” the chakras or energy-centers, from which channels branch off like the ribs of an umbrella.

Alternative Translations

  • Energy channels