Eight modes of dissolution

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When the eight doors of spontaneous presence are embraced by the oral instructions, there will be eight modes of dissolution.

  1. By capacity dissolving, samsaric sentient beings are liberated as personal experience and thus there is not even a hint of confusion.
  2. Likewise by the light dissolving, there is one taste as dharmadhatu, which is not made of conceptual colours and not divided into families.
  3. By the bodies dissolving, there is purity as complete as the essence that transcends the elaborations of heads and arms.
  4. By the wisdom dissolving, the mother and child of dharmata mingle together.
  5. By non-duality dissolving, the three-thousandfold world system is liberated into the essence itself.
  6. By the freedom from extremes dissolving, the referential objects are exhausted.
  7. By the gate of samsara dissolving, one is free from the deluded object of birth place.
  8. By the pure gate of wisdom dissolving into the essence body, one is enlightened in the great primordial purity, the exhaustion of phenomena beyond concepts. [1]


  1. Tsele Natsok Rangdrol in Quintessential Dzogchen, a compilation of Dzogchen texts compiled and translated by Erik Pema Kunzang & Marcia B. Schmidt, pages 246 & 247.

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