Five object-determining mental states

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The five object-determining mental states (Skt. viṣayaniyata; Tib. ཡུལ་ངེས་ལྔ་, Wyl. yul nges lnga) are a set of mental factors among the fifty-one mental states, so-called because they determine the coming into contact of the mind and objects. They are:

  1. Interest (Skt. chanda; Tib. འདུན་པ་)
  2. Appreciation (Skt. adhimokṣa; Tib. མོས་པ་)
  3. Mindfulness (Skt. smṛti; Tib. དྲན་པ་)
  4. Concentration (Skt. samādhi; Tib. ཏིང་འཛིན་)
  5. Intelligence (Skt. prajñā; Tib. ཤེས་རབ་)

Alternative Translations

  • five object-determining factors