Four chokshyaks

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Four chokshyaks (Tib. ཅོག་བཞག་བཞི་, chok shyak shyi, Wyl. cog bzhag bzhi) — the ‘four ways of leaving things as they are’ in Dzogchen practice.

“View, like a mountain, leave it as-it-is.
Meditation, like an ocean: leave it as-it-is.
Action, appearances: leave them as they are.
Fruition, unaltered: leave it as-it-is.”

The last one is sometimes given as “Fruition, rigpa: leave it as it is.”

Alternative Translations

  • fourfold freely resting (Erik Pema Kunsang)
  • four methods of settling imperturbably (Richard Barron/Lama Chökyi Nyima)
  • four modes of placement (Light of Berotsana)
  • four states of imperturbable rest (Glossary from Dzogchen, by HHDL)
  • four ways of leaving things in their natural simplicity (Glossary from Dzogchen, by HHDL)

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