Four visions

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The four visions (Wyl. snang ba bzhi) of tögal are:

  1. direct realization of reality itself (Tib. chönyi ngön sum; Wyl. chos nyid mngon sum)
  2. increasing experience (Tib. nyam gong pel; Wyl. nyams gong ‘phel)
  3. awareness reaching full maturity (Tib. rigpa tsé pep; Wyl. rig pa tshad phebs)
  4. dissolution of ordinary experience into the nature of reality (Tib. chönyi zésa , chönyi zépa or chözé lodé; Wyl.chos nyid zad sa)

Alternative Translations

(from Lotsawa School)

  1. experiencing the nature of reality directly
  2. id.
  3. intrinsic awareness reaching full measure (Lama Chökyi Nyima)
  4. id.

(from Dzogchen by His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

  1. manifest intrinsic reality
  2. increasing of experience
  3. rigpa attains its full measure
  4. exhaustion of phenomena, beyond the mind

(from A Guide to the Practice of Ngöndro)

  1. the direct experience of dharmata
  2. increased experience or increase of experience

(from Dzogchen and Padmasambhava)

4. the wearing out of phenomenal reality

(Padmakara Translation Group)

  1. dharmata actually appearing
  2. increase of experiences and appearances (Tib. nyam nang gong pel)
  3. the ultimate reach of awareness
  4. exhaustion of phenomena beyond mind (Tib. chözé lodé)