Four yogas

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Four yogas (Tib. རྣལ་འབྱོར་བཞི་, naljor shyi, Wyl. rnal 'byor bzhi) — four stages of attainment in the meditation practice of Mahamudra.

  1. one-pointedness (Tib. རྩེ་གཅིག་, tsé chik, Wyl. rtse gcig), which establishes the state of shamatha
  2. simplicity (Tib. སྤྲོས་བྲལ་, trödral, Wyl. spros bral), which is reached through the clear seeing of vipashyana
  3. one taste (Tib. རོ་གཅིག་, ro chik, Wyl. ro gcig), when shamatha and vipashyana become one
  4. non-meditation (Tib. སྒོམ་མེད་, gom mé. Wyl. sgom med) is reached when one goes beyond the mind, and beyond the concept of a meditator meditating, the level of Dzogchen.

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