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Ground (Tib. shyi; Wyl. gzhi) — all the Buddhist teachings are explained in terms of Ground, Path, and Fruition. The ground of Dzogchen is the fundamental, primordial state, our absolute nature, which is already perfect and always present. It is described as being endowed with three qualities: its essence, its nature and its compassionate energy.

In the general Buddhist teachings, the Ground is also referred to as the buddha nature. The buddha nature speaks of our potential for enlightenment, the seed of buddha or seed of enlightenment that all of us have within us.

At the moment, the Ground of our true nature is obscured and we are on the path of delusion, but we can cut through that delusion, to return to our original nature.

The way we do that is by taking the Path of View, Meditation and Action. Through View, Meditation and Action, we recognize the Ground of our true nature and make it into our reality.

When the Ground is fully realized, that is theFruition: we attain complete liberation and become a buddha.

Further Reading

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