Muchu Chakta Gön

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Muchu Chakta Gön (Tib. རྨུ་ཆུ་ལྕགས་རྟ་དགོན་, Wyl. mu chu lcags rta dgon), aka Dorjé Dzong Gön (Tib. རྡོ་རྗེ་རྫོང་དགོན, Wyl. rdo rje rdzong dgon‘) is a Geluk monastery located in Powo, Tibet.[1]


Muchu Chakta Gön is located close to the township of Sum Dzong in south-eastern Powo, on the banks of the Chö Dzong Chu.[2]


Muchu Chakta Gön was founded by Rongpo Sherab Sangpo (Wyl. rongs po shes rab bzang po), a lama who was born in the Lhorong (Wyl. lho rong) region, north of Powo, and who was the sixth abbot of Chudo Jampa Ling monastery.


The main of its three temples featured statues of Tsongkhapa and of his two principal disciples. At a time, the monastery housed twenty to thirty monks.


At one time, an armed conflict between Muchu Chakta Gön monastery and Chudo Jampa Ling monastery broke out. This resulted in Muchu Chakta Gön being burned to the ground, leaving the monks homeless. A request for financial support was sent to the government of Central Tibet which, after some time, agreed to provide the needed support for a reconstruction.[3]

Main Practices

The main practices of Muchu Chakta Gön are those of the Gelukpa tradition.


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