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The nirmanakaya (Tib. trulku; sprul sku) is defined as a rupakaya or 'form body' that arises from the ruling condition of the sambhogakaya and appears as the tamer of various beings, both pure and impure.

When it is divided, there are four kinds:

  • Nirmanakaya through birth, such as our teacher taking birth in the heaven of Tushita as the son of the gods, Dampa Tok Karpo.
  • Diverse nirmanakaya that manifest in order to tame various beings from Indra to a young girl.
  • Craft nirmanakaya such as the manifestation of the lute player in order to tame the gandharva Rabga, and as good food, bridges, pleasure gardens, and islands, as well as sculpted forms, paintings, woven images and cast metal statues.