Praises to the Twenty-One Taras

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These well-known verses of praise have one verse for each of twenty-one forms of Tara and arose from the tantra known as “Offering Praise to Tara through Twenty-One [verses] of Homage” (sgrol ma la phyag 'tshal ba nyi shu gcig gis bstod pa) which can be found in the Derge Kangyur, Volume 81 - pp.435-437.

Each of the twenty-one forms of Tara is dedicated to a specific activity and there are also different levels of meaning for each verse of homage. In addition, there are several traditions of iconography for these forms of Tara – the five main ones being the traditions of Suryagupta, Atisha, Sadhana-samucchaya, Longchen Nyingtik (Jikmé Lingpa) and Chokgyur Lingpa. The first three are from the Indian tradition and the last two are from the Tibetan terma tradition.

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