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Rediscovered termas or reconcealed termas (Tib. ཡང་གཏེར་, yang ter, Wyl. yang gter) refer to termas which, after having been discovered by a tertön are reconcealed, and then rediscovered at a later date by another tertön.

Tulku Thondup writes:

'Rediscovered treasures' refers to the strict command of Guru Rinpoche that the script of a terma should be reconcealed after its discovery and transcription if there is only one original, or even if there are more copies, but only one in a country like Tibet. Thus the teaching that is concealed twice is called sub-concealed treasure (Wyl. 'dab gter) and reconcealed treasure (Wyl. yang gter).[1]


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Further Reading

  • Tulku Thondup, Hidden Teachings of Tibet, pages 141-144, published by Wisdom Publications ISBN 0-8617-122-X