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'''Sakyapa Sonam Gyaltsen''' ([[Wyl.]] ''sa skya pa bsod nams rgyal mtshan'') (1312-1375) - author of the famous historical work known as ''[[The Clear Mirror: A Royal Geneaology]]'' (''rgyal rabs gsal ba'i me long''). Among his teachers were [[Butön Rinchen Drup]], from whom he received the empowerment of [[Kalachakra]], and Drakpukpa Sönam Pal. He was a teacher of both [[Jé Tsongkhapa]] and [[Longchenpa]].
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==Further Reading==
*Sakyapa Sonam Gyaltsen, ''The Clear Mirror: A Traditional Account of Tibet's Golden Age'', translated by McComas Taylor and Lama Choedak Yuthok, Ithaca: Snow Lion, 1996
*Sørensen, P.K., ''Tibetan Buddhist Historiography: The Mirror Illuminating the Royal Genealogies. An Annotated Translation of the XIVth Century Chronicle rGyal-rabs gsal-ba'i me-long'', Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 1994
==External Links==
*[http://www.tbrc.org/link?RID=P1226 TBRC Profile]
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