Seven noble riches

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Seven noble riches (Wyl. ‘phags pa’i nor bdun) —

  1. faith
  2. discipline
  3. generosity (Tib. tongwa; Wyl. gtong ba)
  4. learning (Tib. ཐོས་པ་; Wyl. thos pa)
  5. dignity
  6. propriety
  7. wisdom (Tib. sherab; Wyl. shes rab)

One speaks of faith, which is like a river; discipline which is like a flower; generosity, which is like a jewel; learning, which is like an ocean; samaya, which is like a crystal; a sense of moral shame, which is undeceiving like one's own parents; and wisdom, which is like the sun.[1]

Alternative Versions

  • 5. a sense of moral shame in front of others
  • 5. samaya
  • 6. a sense of ethical conscience in regard to oneself[2]


  1. From notes to Meditation at Tigress Fort from the Life of Shabkar.
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