Shri Singha

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Shri Singha

Shri Singha (Skt. Śrī Siṃha; Tib. ཤྲཱི་སིང་ཧ་, ཤྲཱི་སིངྷ་, དཔལ་གྱི་སེང་གེ་, Wyl. dpal gyi seng ge) — one of the early masters of the Dzogchen lineage, who was originally from the kingdom of Khotan located in the present day Xinjiang province of China. He was a disciple of Mañjushrimitra and the main teacher of Jñanasutra. He is famous for arranging the teachings of the Pith Instruction Class (mengak dé) into four cycles: outer, inner, secret and innermost secret unsurpassed. His last testament, which he conferred upon Jñanasutra before passing into the rainbow body, is called the Seven Nails.

Further Reading

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