Six limits

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Six limits (Skt. Ṣaṭkoṭi; Wyl. mtha' drug) are:

  1. provisional meaning (drang don can yin pa)
  2. definitive meaning (drang don can min pa)
  3. indirect (dgongs pa can yin pa)
  4. not indirect (dgongs pa can min pa)
  5. literally true (sgra ji bzhin can yin pa)
  6. not literally true (sgra ji bzhin can min pa)

Further Reading

  • Appendix 1. The Six Limits & Four Modes pp.161-166 in ‘The Light of Wisdom’ Volume 1. Root text by Padmasambhava and commentary by Jamgön Kongtrül the Great. Published by Shambhala Publications ISBN 0-87773-566-2

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