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Sixfold satisfaction (Tib. ཚིམ་པ་དྲུག་ལྡན་ལྡན་, tsimpa drukden den, Wyl. tshim pa drug ldan) or sixfold contentment — the intended result of a Tsok offering. According to Sakya Pandita, this system of the six-fold satisfaction originates from the explanatory tradition of the Samputatantra. Accordingly, the participants are required to actualize and fulfil all six points in order for a Tsok offering to become genuine and authentic. The six points vary slightly from commentary to commentary. According to Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje they are:

  1. to satisfy the deities of the field of accumulation with outer, inner and secret offerings,
  2. to satisfy the yogins and yoginis with foods and drinks,
  3. to satisfy the wisdom mandala with the essence of amrita,
  4. to satisfy the deities of the body mandala with the wisdom of bliss and emptiness,
  5. to satisfy the outer and inner dakinis with the offering of songs, and
  6. to satisfy the haughty spirits with the torma.

Through the practitioners’ correct application of mantra, mudra and samadhi, within the Nyingma tradition these points are then fulfilled through:

  1. the offering of the first, second and third portions,
  2. the distribution and consumption of the offerings,
  3. the offering of amrita and rakta,
  4. the visualisation and yogic practices accompanying the consumption of the feast,
  5. the offering of song and dance, and
  6. giving the remainder offering.

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