The Profound Instruction of Tendrel Nyesel

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‘The Profound Instruction of Tendrel Nyesel (Wyl. rten ‘brel nyes sel gyi gdams pa zab mo) is the long, elaborate sadhana revealed as terma by Tertön Sogyal in the year 1900. The original terma revelation consisted only of this long practice. Two other practices—a medium length one, ‘The Medium Length Practice of Tendrel Nyesel’; and a brief one, ‘The Brief Practice of Tendrel Nyesel’—were revealed later.

It begins with the record of a conversation between Guru Rinpoche and his main disciple and spiritual consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, which explains the meaning of ‘tendrel’ and introduces four methods for removing flaws in interdependence.

It also contains a Dzogchen Instruction called ‘Employing the Crucial Point’.