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'''The Secret Cave of the Dakini in the South''' ([[wyl.]] ''lho mkha’ ‘gro gsang phug''), one of the [[four sacred caves of Sikkim]], and the one to the South of [[Tashiding]].
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This cave is easily accessible. It is five kilometre south of Legship, on the way to Reshi and Nayabazar. The place is known as 'Tatopani' (hot springs). In front of the cave there is a small monastery and a stupa.
The entranceway to the cave is a low tunnel of about 10 meters in length. Inside the cave, there are numerous imprints left by [[Guru Rinpoche]], including of the [[Lotus Hat that liberate upon seeing]], and the [[Pandita Hat]].
Outside the cave, above the door is the body of a nun that Guru Rinpoche transformed into rock. It is said that [[Padmasambhava]] liberated her in this way to inspire future generations who would see the rock.
Right after passing the gate and entering a sort of inner patio, when facing the stairs that lead up to the cave is a path up on the left that leads to hole. It is said that, if you can pass through that hole up near the entrance of the cave, all your [[obscurations]] will be purified. Also from above the cave itself, according to the oral tradition, there are underground passages that lead to another cave, "[[The Hidden Cave]] in the East").
Further down stream about, twenty-five meters, on the side of the river are rocks presenting two foot prints of Guru Rinpoche and the body impact of the [[Rakshasa]] he grabbed there and took to the cave.
In front of the cave in the river are the hot spring which give the name to the place, and are accessible only part of the year.
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