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The '''thirty-seven elements of enlightenment''' (''chang chok sodun'' [Tib.]) are a system of thirty-seven factors practised at specific stages of the first four of the [[five paths]]. They also correspond to qualities of [[enlightenment]], since the [[buddha]]s have perfected all those elements. So the thirty-seven elements of a buddha are different than those in the mind of someone on the [[path of learning]].
#REDIRECT[[Thirty-seven factors of enlightenment]]
1-4) [[four applications of mindfulness]]; <br>
5-8) [[four genuine restraints]]; <br>
9-12) [[four legs of miraculous powers]]; <br>
13-17) five faculties ([[faith]], [[diligence]], [[mindfulness]], concentration, wisdom); <br>
18-22) five powers; (they are also [[faith]], [[diligence]], [[mindfulness]], concentration, wisdom but are called 'powers' because of their particular capacity to overcome mental afflictions. They are meditated upon as for the five faculties) <br>
23-29) [[seven elements for enlightenment]]; <br>
30-37) [[eightfold noble path]].
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