Twelve Tenma Sisters

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Twelve Tenma Sisters (bstan ma bcu gnyis) - female protector deities of Tibet, bound under oath by Guru Padmasambhava. They consist of the Four Female Demons (Tib. Dümo Shyi), the Four Menmos (Tib. Menmo Shyi) and the Four Yakshinis (Tib. Nöjin Shyi). They are called the "Twelve Mother and Sister Tenmas" because they take care of us like a mother or like older sisters. They are accompanied by the divisions of hundred thousand female assistants.

There are several lists of the Twelve Tenmas. The Palchen Düpa gives,

  1. Tseringma
  2. Töna Dorje Yamakyong
  3. Nöjin Gang la Kunzangmo,
  4. Drokchen Khordul Gekkyi Tso
  5. Jomo Gangrar Chenchikma
  6. Changna Khading Lumo Gyal
  7. Kharak Dorje Khyung Tsunma
  8. Machen Pomrar Drakmogyal
  9. Gongtsun Demo Bökham Kyong
  10. Dragtsan Dorje Menchikma
  11. Jomo Nakgyal Yarmo Sil
  12. Wuna Dorje Zulemen