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The '''two form kayas''' ([[Wyl.]] ''gzugs sku gnyis''), or [[rupakaya]]s of a [[buddha]] are:  
The '''two form kayas''' (Tib.གཟུགས་སྐུ་གཉིས་, ''zukku nyi''; [[Wyl.]] ''gzugs sku gnyis''), or [[rupakaya]]s of a [[buddha]] are:  
#the [[nirmanakaya]] and  
#the [[nirmanakaya]] and  
#the [[sambhogakaya]].  
#the [[sambhogakaya]].  

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The two form kayas (Tib.གཟུགས་སྐུ་གཉིས་, zukku nyi; Wyl. gzugs sku gnyis), or rupakayas of a buddha are:

  1. the nirmanakaya and
  2. the sambhogakaya.