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(New page: The '''Two Upper Realms''' (wyl. ''khams gong ma gnyis'') are, # Form realm (wyl. ''gzugs kyi khams'') # Formless realm (wyl. ''gzugs med kyi khams''). [[Category: E...)
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The '''Two Upper Realms''' ([[wyl.]] ''khams gong ma gnyis'') are,
The '''two upper realms''' (Tib. ཁམས་གོང་མ་གཉིས་, ''kham gongma nyi'', [[Wyl.]] ''khams gong ma gnyis'') are:
# the [[form realm]] and
# the [[formless realm]].
# [[Form realm]] ([[wyl.]] ''gzugs kyi khams'')
# [[Formless realm]] ([[wyl.]] ''gzugs med kyi khams'').
[[Category:Three Realms of Samsara]]
[[Category:God Realm]]
[[Category: Enumerations]]
[[Category: Enumerations]]

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The two upper realms (Tib. ཁམས་གོང་མ་གཉིས་, kham gongma nyi, Wyl. khams gong ma gnyis) are:

  1. the form realm and
  2. the formless realm.