Eight jewel ornaments

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The eight jewel ornaments (Tib. རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་རྒྱན་བརྒྱད་, Wyl. rin po che'i rgyan brgyad) are:

  1. jewel of the crown (dbu rgyan)
  2. earrings (snyan rgyan)
  3. short necklace or neck-band (mgul rgyan)
  4. armlets or shoulder-straps (dpung rgyan)
  5. two long necklaces (one longer than the other) (do shal and se mo do )
  6. bracelets (phyag gdub)
  7. anklets (zhabs gdub)
  8. rings (sor gdub)[1]


  1. crown (dbu rgyan)
  2. earrings (snyan rgyan)
  3. neck-band (mgul rgyan)
  4. shoulder-straps (dpung rgyan)
  5. mid-length necklace (do shal)
  6. long necklace (se mo do)
  7. bracelets (gdu bu)
  8. girdle (ska rags) or its tassels ( 'og pag)


  1. Padmakara, Words of my Perfect Teacher, page 267.

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Alternative translations

  • eight ornaments made of precious gemstones (Gyurme Dorje)