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Japhur Lama was a nyingma lama originally from Katok Monastery who settled later in Pemakö. Japhur Lama's father was Katok Gyalse Sönam Deutsen, so he was the direct grandson of Longsal Nyingpo.

Like his grandfather and father, Japhur Lama was based in Katok Monastery. But according to Dudjom Rinpoche, Japhur Lama was once told by a dakini to go to Pemakö[1]:

Following the dakini's instruction, Japhur Lama left his home in Kham, made his way over the mountain pass of Je Shong in Powo, then down to Pemakö. Traveling on, he arrived at a large river but didn’t have the money to ride the rattan hoop suspended from a rope spanning the gorge. The toll-collectors wouldn’t make an exception. Perturbed, he decided on a alternate route. Using his shawl for wings, he flew like a bird to the other side. The toll collectors, astonished by this herukan display, called him Japhur Lama, “Soaring Bird” Lama, and beseeched him, “Please be our teacher. Stay here in this area. We will provide for all your needs.” The lama accepted their request, and thus they became his first disciples in Pemakö. They offered him the entire mountain, the valley of Lha Dzong, and Khang Kheng, which he also accepted. At Khang Kheng, he established a monastery and worked for the welfare of all the villagers, and this became his principal seat.

Khengen Tulku, the father of Dudjom Rinpoche, was reconized as an incarnation of Japhur Lama.


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