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Ling Rinpoche

Ling Choktrul Rinpoche aka 7th Kyabjé Yongzin Ling Rinpoche (b. 1985) — an important lama of the Gelugpa school, born in India and recognized at an early age by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of his own Senior Tutor, the 6th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche.

Ling Rinpoche entered Drepung Monastic University in South India in 1990 and began his monastic studies there at the age of ten. He received his geshe degree in November 2016 and enrolled at Gyuto Tantric College in Dharamsala, India in April 2017 for a year of tantric studies that traditionally follows the completion of a geshe degree. He completed his studies in February 2018.

In 1991 Ling Rinpoche gave his first teaching in South Korea. Since then he has given teachings and tantric initiations in many countries in Asia and Europe, Canada, the United States, Israel, Australia and Mongolia as well as Tibetan settlements throughout India and Nepal and Himalayan regions including Ladakh and Mon Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh). Rinpoche has also organized and attended many important Buddhist events. Starting in 2004 he has also participated in the Mind and Life Institute dialogues held in India between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and scientists on a variety of topics, such as physics, neuroplasticity and destructive emotions.

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