Namtrul Mipham Dorje

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Namtrul Mipham Dorje (1879-1905) aka Chewö Rikzin Chenmö Namtrul Tulku and Mipam Dorje, was a son of Dudjom Lingpa and of Kéza Sangye Tso[1]. He was recognised as the incarnation of Melong Dorje, and his birth was announced to his father in a vision. He studied mainly with Patrul Rinpoche and his father Dudjom Lingpa. Unfortunately, Namtrul Mipham Dorje died young.


  1. Kéza Sangye Tso was the second consort of Dudjom Lingpa, and also the mother of Khyentse Tulku Dzamling Wangyal and of Tulku Trimé Özer.

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