Dudjom Lingpa Family Lineage

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Dudjom Lingpa Family Lineage includes an amazing number of great masters, both male and female, and also two of Dudjom Lingpa's own reincanations[1]. Dudjom Lingpa's first generation of descendants includes 8 sons and 4 daughters:

  • Choktrul Lhundrup Dorje (1940-1960)
  • Lhacham Chökyi Drönma
  • Tsendzin Lhamo
  • Sonam Deutsen (1910-1958) the enlightened body emanation of Dudjom Lingpa
  • Choktrul Doli Nyima (b. 1946)
  • Tulku Tamdrin Wangyal (1952-2005)[3]
  • Tulku Padma Wangyal (1953-1990)
  • Choktrul Shenpen Nyima (b. 1954)
  • Choktrul Tashi Tobgyal (1925-1959)
  • Tulku Tenzin Zangpo (d. 1984)
  • Choktrul Dampa (1928-1983)
  • Tulku Nyida (1929-1985)
  • Wangmo
  • Tsogyal
  • Sönam Chödrön
  • Choktrul Tenzin Nyima (1918-1959)
  • Unnamed Daughter
  • Unnamed Daughter #1 of Dudjom Lingpa
  • Unnamed Daughter #2 of Dudjom Lingpa
  • Unnamed Daughter #3 of Dudjom Lingpa
  • Unnamed Daughter #4 of Dudjom Lingpa


  1. Holly Gayley, Who's Who in the Dudjom Lineage?
  2. Tulku Mingyur Dorje (mi 'gyur rdo rje), alias Pema Osel Nyingpo (pad ma 'od gsal snying po) or Tulku Milo, was the first husand of Tare Lhamo. He died in prison in 1959.
  3. Choktrul Tamdrin Wangyal recognized Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche (when he was 15 years old) as he was recognized as the reincarnation of Longsal Nyingpo. Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche was born in the Golok region of Eastern Tibet as the fourth descendant of Dudjom Lingpa.
  4. Apang Tertön was considered to be one of Dudjom Lingpa's miraculously conceived sons.