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Landscape of Dolpo, courtesy of Excellent Trek

Pema Chödzong (Wyl. pad ma gcod rdzong), the 'Lotus Chö Fortress', is the name of the little Gompa, and house, founded by Lama Kadak in Dolpo, in Nepal, which became a practice place of the Namkha Khyung Dzong Tradition, a sub-tradition of the Dudjom Tersar.


Pema Chödzong is located in the impoverish region of Dolpo, (Tib. དོལ་པོ ), a high-altitude culturally Tibetan region in the upper part of the Dolpa District of western Nepal, bordered in the north by Tibet.[1].


At the begining, Pema Chödzong was just an inhabited cave.


In the late 1930’s or early 1940's, Lama Kadak did a Tröma Nakmo (Dudjom) retreat in the cave, and the local people of all the surrounding villages requested him to say as a ngakpa, and offered him the cave. After some works, a house with a temple in it was built. Pema Chödzong is at the base of a rock-cliff — the foot of the cliff serves as one of the stone walls of the structure. All around, they are wild white roses, which smelled divine.[2].

Gen Rigsang Dorje Rinpoche was invited by Lama Kadak to Pema Chödzong, and did a retreat in the area. Pema Chödzong is the place where grew up the children of Lama Kadak and of Chöying Palmo, which includes Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche and Dawa Chödak Rinpoche.

Recent Years

The place is still owned by Lama Pema Dorje’s family, but is no longer in activity.

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