Teachings on Longchenpa's Advice from the Heart

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Khenpo Pema Sherab

Khenpo Pema Sherab taught on "Thirty Pieces of Advice from the Heart" in Lerab Ling during the All-Mandala retreat from 23-Aug-2009 to the 25-Aug-2009. The recordings contain the teaching in Tibetan with English translation by Gyurmé.

Study Material

English Translations

  • Padmakara Translation Group, Thirty Pieces of Advice from the Heart
  • Ken McLeod, Thirty Pieces of Sincere Advice: Available for download here
  • Namkhai Norbu, Longchenpa's Advice from the Heart, Shang Shung Edizioni, 2008

Audio Podcast


Available as podcast at: http://www.rigpawiki.org/Media/Audio/2009/LongchenpaLL/LongchenpaHeartAdvice.rss To automatically download all teachings on Longchenpa's Heart Advice with iTunes, select within iTunes: Advanced/Subscribe to podcast... and paste the podcast-link above. Be sure to select Download all episodes in Settings.

The teachings on Thirty Pieces of Advice from the Heart

  • 1st teaching, 23-Aug-2009: Advice 1-3

online: KhenpoPemaSherab23August2009LerabLing.mp3

  • 2nd teaching, 24-Aug-2009 am: Advice 4-17

online: KhenpoPemaSherab24August2009amLerabLing.mp3

  • 3rd teaching, 24-Aug-2009 pm: Advice 18-30

online: KhenpoPemaSherab24August2009pmLerabLing.mp3

General Teaching

  • 1st teaching, 25-Aug-2009

online: KhenpoPemaSherab25August2009LerabLingPt2.mp3