Tertön Sogyal's Collected Works Volume Thirteen

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The collected visionary revelations and textual rediscoveries (Wyl. gter chos) of Tertön Sogyal, Lerab Lingpa, reproduced from a set of blockprints in the library of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, published by Pema Norbu Rinpoche, Byalakuppe, Dist. Mysore, Karnataka, India. Vol 1 | Vol 2 | Vol 3 | Vol 4 | Vol 5 | Vol 6 | Vol 7 | Vol 8 | Vol 9 | Vol 10 | Vol 11 | Vol 12 | Vol 13 | Vol 14 | Vol 15 | Vol 16 | Vol 17

VOL. 13 (pa)

  1. Yang Sang Tröpa, The Most Secret Wrathful Vajrakilaya (phur pa yang gsang khros pa), p1-321.
  2. Yang Zab Nyingpo, The Deepest Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya (phur pa yang zab sying po), p. 323-440.
  3. Yang Nying Pudri, ‘Razor of the Innermost Essence’ (phur pa yang snying spu gri) pages 441-534.

1. ‘The Most Secret Wrathful Vajrakilaya' (phur pa yang gsang khros pa) (page 1-321)

  • Peaceful Fire Offering: ‘The Excellent Vase of Nectar’ (zhi ba'i sbyin sreg bdud rtsi'i bum bzang) (pages 1-16)
  • Enriching Fire Offering: ‘The Excellent Treasure Vase’ (rgyas pa'i sbyin sreg gter gyi bum bzang) (pages 17-34)
  • ’Magnetizing Fire Offering: The Excellent Vase that Brings About Your Wishes’ (dbang gi sbyin sreg 'dod 'byung bum bzang) (pages 35-50)
  • ’Wrathful Fire Offerings: The Excellent Vase that Vanquishes Malevolent Ones’ (drag po'i sbyin sreg gdug pa tshar gcod) (pages 51-76)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i srung ba) (pages 77-82)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i bskul byang che ba) (pages 83-112)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i pho nya bskul byang) (pages 113-118)
  • (gser skyems phud kyi mchod bskul) (pages 119-124)
  • (phur pa'i gzu dbang gsol ba dang phur kha sgyur ba'i las phran) (pages 125-130)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i las kyi yan lag dgra po'i bla khyim brtag pa dang lha dbye ba'i yig chung) (pages 131-137)
  • (las phran gyi 'phyongs drug cung zad rgyas par byas pa) (pages 139-146)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i smad las kyi chog lag len dmar byang du bkod pa) (pages 147-234)
  • (gdab pa'i las rim bzhi pa bstan bshig srog len) (pages 235-242)
  • (gso ba gsum gyi rim pa) (pages 243-248)
  • (bzlog pa grangs gsog tshe gter bsod) (pages 249-250)
  • (phur ba'i gtor bzlog gi rim pa) (pages 251-272)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i bzlog pa spyi dril zab pa'i mthar thug) (pages 273-300)
  • (chos nyid don gyi bzlog pa) (pages 301-306)
  • (las bzhi'i bro yi brtul) (pages 307-310)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i dbang dang dngos grub blang ba'i rim pa) (pages 311-322)

2. ‘The Deepest Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya’ (phur pa yang zab snying po) (page 323-440)

  • (phur pa yang zab gtor bzlog dkyus ma'i phyag bzhes) (pages 323-328)
  • (phur pa yang zab las| them yig don gsal) (pages 329-332)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| don dbang bdud rtsi'i thigs pa) (pages 333-340)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| dam tshig gi gnas nges pa) (pages 341-344)
  • The Prayer of Inspiration known as ‘The Falling Rain of Blessings’ (phur pa yang zab snying po las| gsol 'debs byin rlabs char 'bebs) (pages 345-348)
  • Tsangtor: The Profound Purification Torma Preliminary(phur pa yang zab snying po las| sngon du 'gro ba'i gtsang gtor zab mo) (pages 349-352)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| byin 'bebs byin rlabs myur mgyog) (pages 353-356)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| las byang don gyi yang snying bdud rtsi'i thigs pa) (pages 357-386)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| phur srung gi gsol ka zab mo) (pages 387-392)
  • (phur pa yang zab kyi tshogs bsdus) (pages 393/394)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| don bstod rin chen phreng ba) (pages 395-400)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| gnad bskul phrin las myur 'grub) (pages 401-408)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| gdab las srog gi spu gri) (pages 409-418)
  • (gser skyems) (pages 419-420)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| bskang bzlog zab mo phrin las kyi rtsab) (pages 421-432)
  • (drag sngags so lnga pa dang yang bzlog sngags) (pages 433/434)
  • (phur pa yang zab snying po las| zhi ba'i sbyin sreg zab mo) (pages 435-440)

3. ‘Razor of the Innermost Essence’ (phur pa yang snying spu gri) (pages 441-534)

  • (phur pa yang snying spu gri'i rnal 'byor rgyun dbang zab mo) (pages 441-446)
  • (phur pa yang snying spu gri'i las byang snying po) (pages 447-462)
  • (phur pa'i bskang ba) (pages 463-468)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i bstod pa) (pages 469-474)
  • (rdo rje phur pa 'i bskul ba) (pages 475-482)
  • (gser skyems) (pages 483/484)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i gdab las) (pages 485-494)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i bzlog pa) (pages 495-506)
  • (sbyin sreg zur rgyan) (pages 507-508)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i sbyin sreg) (pages 509-514)
  • (dmar nag rak+ta’i sri mnan ling ga) (pages 515-516)
  • (rdo rje phur pa'i sri mnan) (pages 517-522)
  • (phur pa'i sri mnan lag len gsal ba) (pages 523-534)

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