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Yang Zab Nyingpo (Tib. ཡང་ཟབ་སྙིང་པོ་, Wyl. yang zab snying po; Eng. 'The Deepest Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya') is a practice of Vajrakilaya from a terma revelation of Tertön Sogyal. It is said to be the shortest of the three most important Vajrakilaya practices among Tertön Sogyal's collected termas.[1]


The Clear Meaning Inventory says that there are thirteen sections to the cycle, which it lists as follows:

  1. Prayer
  2. purification tormas
  3. descent of blessings,
  4. ultimate empowerment,
  5. samaya,
  6. long sadhana (las byang),
  7. Praise
  8. Exhortation (bskul ba)
  9. Kilaya guardians’ striking rite (gdab las)
  10. Fulfilment (bskang ba)
  11. Averting ritual (bzlog pa)
  12. fire offering
  13. inventory

Bylakuppe Edition

From The collected visionary revelations and textual rediscoveries (gter chos) of las-rab-glin-pa alias ñag-bla bsod-rgyal (1856-1926), Bylakuppe, 1985, Vol. Pa (13):

  • The Clear Meaning Inventory (them yig don gsal) (329-332)
  • Ultimate Empowerment: Drops of Nectar (don dbang bdud rtsi'i thigs pa) (333-339)
  • Definitive Areas of Samaya (dam tshig gi gnas nges pa) (341-344)
  • Prayer of Inspiration: The Falling Rain of Blessings (gsol 'debs byin rlabs char 'bebs) (345-348)
  • Profound Preliminary of Purification Tormas (sngon du 'gro ba'i gtsang gtor zab mo) (349-352)
  • The Swift Descent of Blessings (byin 'bebs byin rlabs myur mgyog) (353-356)
  • Drops of Nectar (las byang don gyi yang snying bdud rtsi'i thigs pa) (357-383)
  • Summoning Longevity (tshe 'gugs) (385)
  • Profound Practice of the Kilaya Guardians (phur srung gi gsol ka zab mo) (387-392)
  • Concise Tsok Feast Offering of the Deepest Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya (phur pa yang zab kyi tshogs bsdus) (393)
  • Ultimate Praise: Precious Garland (don bstod rin chen phreng ba) (395-399)
  • Exhortation: Swift Accomplishment of Activity (gnad bskul phrin las myur 'grub) (401-407)
  • Striking Rites: Razor of the Life-Force (gdab las srog gi spu gri) (409-417)
  • Serkyem Offering (gser skyems) (419-420)
  • Profound Practice of Fulfilment and Averting: The Source of Enlightened Activity (bskang bzlog zab mo phrin las kyi rtsa ba) (421-431)
  • Wrathful mantras (drag sngags) (433)
  • Profound Pacifying Fire Offering (zhi ba’i sbyin sreg zab mo) (435-440)

Empowerments Given to the Rigpa Sangha


  1. Khenpo Jikphun said that the three main Vajrakilaya termas of Tertön Sogyal are Yang Sang Tröpa, which is very long, Yang Nying Pudri, which is of medium length, and Yang Zab Nyingpo, which is quite short.

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