Trikaya Mandala Offering from the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro

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Trikaya Mandala Offering from the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro


a. Nirmanakaya Mandala Offering

One billion universes—a hundred times ten million worlds,

Filled with all the wealth of gods and human beings, like the “seven precious gems”,

My bodies, my possessions, and my sources of merit, all together, I offer them in their entirety, so that

I may be born as a nirmanakaya and turn the wheel of Dharma, liberating all beings!

b. Sambhogakaya Mandala Offering

The highest heaven of great bliss, the realm of “Tukpo Köpa”,

Perfect with the five certainties and the mandala of the five buddha families, and

Inconceivably vast clouds of offerings of every variety of sensual and emotional stimulants—

With this offering, may we enjoy the perfection of the sambhogakaya fields!

c. Dharmakaya Mandala Offering

Where all appearance and existence are completely pure from the very beginning—the youthful vase body,

Ornamented by the play of dharmata, unceasing compassion,

The realm where all clinging to the perception of kayas and tiklés is naturally liberated—

With this wisdom offering, may we enjoy the freedom of the dharmakaya reality!