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ཁབ། (Wyl. khab ) Pron.: khab

  • Skt. सूची, sūcī, Pron.: suchi. From Sanskrit: prob. to be connected with | fr. | 'to sew' | in | once | a needle or any sharp-pointed instrument | the sharp point or tip of anything or any pointed object | a rail or balustrade | a small door-bolt | 'sharp file or column', a kind of military array | to | on | an index, table of contents (in books printed in India | below | a triangle formed by the sides of a trapezium produced till they meet | a cone, pyramid | gesticulation, dramatic action | a kind of coitus | sight, seeing | only | the son of Nishāda and a Vaiśyā | a maker of winnowing baskets [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW