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གཉན་ཡོད། (Wyl. gnyan yod ) Pron.: nyen yö

  • Skt. श्रावस्ती, śrāvastī, Pron.: shravasti. From Sanskrit: N. of a city situated north of the Ganges and founded by king Śrāvasta (it was the ancient capital of Kosala and said to have been the place where the wealthy merchant Anātha-piṇḍika built the Buddha a residence in the Jeta-vana monastery which became his favourite retreat during the rainy seasons: other authorities derive the name from a Ṛishi called Sāvattha, who is said to have resided there | it has been identified by General Cunningham with a place now called SāhetMāhet, about 58 miles north of Ayodhyā in Oudh [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW