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གྱ་ནོམ་པ། (Wyl. gya nom pa ) Pron.: gyanompa

  • Skt. प्रणीतः, praṇīta, Pron.: pranita. From Sanskrit: led forwards, advanced, brought, offered, conveyed (•esp. to the altar, as fire or water or Soma) | brought into, reduced to | to blindness | to submission | directed towards | hurled, cast, shot | led towards | delivered, given (as a son | others | performed, executed, finished, made, done, prepared | inflicted, sentenced, awarded | established, instituted, taught, said, written | wished, desired | good (as food) | entered, approached | •scil. | fire consecrated by prayers or mystical formulas [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW