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ངུ་འབོད། (Wyl. ngu 'bod) n. Pron.: ngu bö

  • Howling Hell [Three Realms of Samsara] [Desire Realm] [Hell Realms]
  • Skt. रौरवः, raurava, Pron.: raurava. From Sanskrit: fr. | coming from or made of the skin of the deer called Ruru | fearful | unsteady, dishonest | N. of one of the hells | (personified as husband of Vedanā and father of Duḥkha | with Buddhists, one of the 8 hot hells | N. of the fifth Kalpa | a savage, monster | the fruit of the Ruru tree | N. of various Sāmans [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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