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ཉན་པ། (Wyl. nyan pa ) Pron.: nyenpa

མཉན་པ།  ཉན་པ།  མཉན་པ།  ཉོན།  ༼ཐ་དད་པ་༽
past pres. fut. imp. v.t.
  • v.t. to listen TGR
  • Skt. श्रवणम्, śravaṇa, Pron.: shravana. From Sanskrit: the act of hearing (also 'that which is heard', 'because it is so heard or revealed' | acquiring knowledge by hearing, learning, study | (in •phil.) the determining by means of the six signs the true doctrine of the Vedānta (in regard to the only really existing Being) | fame, reputation | wealth | rarely | the ear | a Buddhist or Jain monk | the hypotenuse of a triangle or the diagonal of a tetragon [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. श्रोता, śrotā, Pron.: shrota [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP

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