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ནེའུ་ལེ། (Wyl. ne'u le ) n. Pron.: neu lé

  • mongoose [Attributes and Implements]
  • Skt. नकुलः, nakula, Pron.: nakula. From Sanskrit: in spite of | + | of a | •partic. | colour (perhaps that of the ichneumon) | the Bengal mungoose or Viverra Ichneumon | enemy of mice and of serpents from whose venom it protects itself by a •medic. plant | a son | a •partic. musical instrument | N. of Śiva | of a son of the Aśvins and Mādrī (twin-brother of Saha-deva and fourth of the Pāṇḍu princes) | of a Vedic poet with the | or Vaiśvāmitra | N. of a Sāman | of a physician (author of a •wk. on horses) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW