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བག་ཆགས། (Wyl. bag chags) n. Pron.: bakchak

  • latent propensity ▷AW
  • traces and dispositions, ingrained tendencies ▷HVG
  • instinct ▷RTH
  • Skt. वासना, vāsanā, Pron.: vasana. From Sanskrit: next. | the impression of anything remaining unconsciously in the mind, the present consciousness of past perceptions, knowledge derived from memory | fancy, imagination, idea, notion, false notion, mistake | the mistake that there is a difference | thinking of, longing for, expectation, desire, inclination | liking, respectful regard | trust, confidence | proof, demonstration | a kind of metre | N. of Durgā | of the wife of Arka | of a | on the Siddhānta-śiromaṇi. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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